My passion? Your personal connection with your audience.
I know how to make a performance personal, real and powerful.

As a writer and director, I have over 20 years in corporate meetings & events, live theater, film & video …even opera & dance.

In front of an audience, you need an immediate & honest connection.
Understanding your message and getting it across is vital. My clients include Fortune 500 companies (and a lot of smaller ones, too).

I keep your message on track and on target – always remembering that the audience response is everything.

But the messenger is just as important.

Your audience must understand not just what you do, but who you are.
It’s deeper than the brand. It’s the basic personality of your business…and you.

On stage or on camera, I can help you bring your business personality to life with honesty and integrity.

You. Your message. Your audience. The Creative Thread helps make the personal connection.